Ornate TechnoService provides technology access now at everyone's fingertips and during this process we specially take of user interface design as user interface play a very vital role for consideration of context, screen, input & mobility etc. for the design. Ornate TechnoServices has well defined processes and laid procedure from backend development to frontend User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design, Ornate TechnoServices provides full consultation services and/or will work with you to create the most beautiful and functional app possible across all platforms.

Ornate TechnoServices work on IOS mobile application development: Our Team of professionals are well equipped in iOS technologies and keep themselves updated with the latest versions and uses iOS SDK to build the app.


Android mobile application development : Our team of professionals have expertise in the app development for Android phones and tablets. Cross Platform mobile application development: Ornate TechnoServices also work on cross platform to provide the app solutions and we expertise and work on JavaScript, HTML5, CSS 3, Web kit, PhoneGap, Drupal jQuery etc.

Ornate TechnoServices as a leading mobile app development company, Ornate TechnoServices cares about whether the idea is complex or simple; for a small business or a large enterprise ­ creating attractive and engaging mobile apps that deliver exactly what client expect and desire is Ornate’s 1st Priority.

10+ Years of Success

Ornate TechnoServices resources follows the SDLC process and other standard process of ISO 9001, ISO 20000 & ISO 27001 for in house product development.