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Web Development Services

Ornate TechnoServices writes solutions for website for the internet and web portal for intranet we specialize in web engineering, web design, content development, Client/ Server side Scripting, Network security and CMS and at design and development, We follow the basis principle of Development process – Planning , Analysis, Design , Implementation & Maintenance.

Web Site Development Services

Ornate TechnoServices understands the role of client’s website in today’s business environment – where the website carries the vision and organisation’s message to the outer world, therefore we believe in world class design, Content, Security features & social media networking - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. and Search engine’s keyword optimization, with Responsive, Operating system independence, Browser compatibility & Hardware platform independence to work them on Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Mobile, Tablet, Phablet etc.

Web Site Maintenance Services

Ornate TechnoServices takes care of existing website also by providing maintenance services – for web content updates, landing page design, Design of banner, Search Engine optimization , social media optimization to boost your SEO effort. Our maintenance services for all the technologies - HTML , CSS , Core Java Open JDK , PHP ,PHP Framework, Node JS , Javascript, Python, JAVA, J2EE and its associated technologies, Agile, DevOps, Microservices Architecture, Apache Tomcat/TOMEE, Apache HTTP , NGINX server , Node JS, Open Stack, Docker, Kubernetes, Swarm, Apache-Mesos, Drupal , Life ray , Word press, Ubuntu , Centos LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)etc.